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Ventilation has long been recognised as having a positive effect on smoke and heat generated during a house fire incident.

In fact ventilation tactics are used globally by firefighters on a daily basis to clear the building of smoke and heat.  The "Naturvent" system is designed for all habitable dwellings and initiates this normally manually executed operation immediately whilst the "Fire and Rescue service are en route".
Naturvent has the versatility to adapt itself to any roof profile and building, no matter the composite construction material (including Timber Frame).

So whether you have an isolated country dwelling or a town house, the system lends itself to all.
English Heritage approval pending
One of the most important aspects of the system is the ability to manage the early stages of the fire ie. smouldering, through early detection an able-bodied person would be able to deal with the smoulder, therefore avoiding the full fire event.
We can install on all types of buildings...
Compliance Notes
Working to:
NFPA 92b
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