After extensive trials and testing, working with the British Fire Safety Engineering Group and BRE (Building Research Establishment). Naturvent is now moving into the market as an evolutionary solution to toxic smoke control, by removing the carbonised smoke from the building, rescue time is extended, and structural integrity can be preserved.
How it Works
In the event of a Developing Fire, the fire starts fighting itself as soon as the Naturvent System is activated.

The following actions are activated by our aspirating sensors and our electronic control centre:

Toxic smoke can kill in under 1 minute (toxic smoke accounts for 70% fire fatalities)
Ventilation has long been recognised as having a positive effect on the behaviour of the toxic smoke and heat in a dwelling fire.
This proven concept has now been successfully introduced to the domestic / public markets by way of the evolutionary Naturvent System.
a proactive response to toxic smoke & fire control
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view manual ventilation performed by US firefighters
view simulation of Naturvent System
1. The ventilation hatches will open in a controlled manner exposing the thermally lined shaft
2. The ventilation fans will start (where applicable)
3. The autodialer will make up to 5 calls to predetermined numbers
4. The gas supply to the property will be turned off automatically