FCAP Aperture Pod

Designed for either doors or windows, the FCAP Pods protect a structure's cavities and facades from ingress by smoke and heat. Furthermore the deflector protects the facades and windows above the seat of the fire from attack by the flames. Click on the image below and watch the video of the rigorous testing of the product.


FCAP Sleeve

The integrity of a structure's outside walls is often breached by flues and vents piercing through the walls. These are invariably of plastic or a material with little fire resistance. The FCAP Sleeve will form a barrier between the vent and the cavities between the outer wall and any rain-screen cladding.


The FCAP Heritage range has been developed to provide a practical smoke and heat solution for buildings of historic or architectural importance. Giving the same level of protection as the FCAP Aperture Pod, they are designed to blend aesthetically into the outer walls thereby enhancing the buildings' fire safety.

Watch the video of the testing of the FCAPS Aperture at the FPA's burn chamber. Then download the test results below to see the astonishing difference the FCAP Aperture Pod made to the temperatures within the cavities.

FCAPS are robust, physical installations that can either be designed-in for new build developments, or fitted retrospectively during refurbishments.

Manufactured in the UK using recognised and registered existing non-combustible materials, the FCAPS range has been rated A1/A2-S1-D0 (A1 Stainless Steel; A2 Powder Coated), and has been independently assessed as conforming to the following:

  • Approved Document B: 2019 (incorporating 2020 amendments)
  • BSEN13823:2020 Reaction to fire tests for building product
  • Fire performance classification A2-S1-D0 to EN13501-1:2018
  • ISO1716 :2018

Independent third party assessments have been undertaken by Underwriters Laboratories, the Fire Protection Association and Efectis (NI).

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