Smoke Extraction Solutions


The lethal effects of smoke inhalation are well known. Over the last two centuries, as traditional natural materials for construction, such as wood, clay and stone, became more scarce, the construction industry has seen many developments in new materials produced to meet the growing demand. Any risks associated with these new materials were not always given due consideration.

When ignited, these modern construction materials deliver a cocktail of lethal, highly carbonised gases that accelerate the fire spread and have a direct effect on the building’s integrity. It is the protection against fire and the risks of fire that dominates within Building Regulations and what is generally regarded as best Health and Safety Practices. Despite everyone’s best efforts, fires continue to occur and produce a cocktail of lethal smoke and gases.

The video on this page shows how a well designed smoke extraction system can effectively remove the smoke and gases to provide a clear means of escape. Furthermore, without extraction the smoke and gases will gradually become pressurised and could explode, resulting in the total loss of the structure.

Ashev Limited has built a strong reputation for designing such smoke extraction systems. They are experts at determining the optimum extraction of the smoke; too slow will cause smoke-logging and too fast will cause a 'blow torch' effect!

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